W-Point is the project coordinator of N-arts. Over the last 20 years European projects in the Lifelong Learning Programme played a central role in the portfolio of the SME. The key persons for the N-Arts project are: Gerardo Wolf Perez, the manager of the company, and Edith Wolf Perez.

The Faculty of Education at the University of Osijek is offering Bachelor and of Arts Master Studies of Primary Education and Pre-school Education, and a Kinesiology Studies program. The Faculty has more than 1100 students and 100 employees including 64 academic staff.

Tanz die Toleranz is a dance organisation belonging to Caritas Vienna, a big social NGO that is active in many fields of society. Founded in 2007 Tanz die Toleranz facilitates intercultural and inclusive artistic work that enables new forms of encounter between people.

Centrum Kształcenia Ustawicznego Nr 2 (CKU 2) is a public institution of adult education with 500 students and 33 highly qualified staff members. It offers a three-year full-time secondary school and a three-year part-time secondary school for adults who can finish it with Matriculation Exam.

CACAV – Círculo de Animação Cultural de Alhos Vedros has been founded by a group of people from different professions and is a cultural nonprofit association, aiming to develop activities in several areas of informal adult education such as ICT, painting, photography / video and another forms of arts.