Tanz die Toleranz (TdT) / Caritas Wien

Name of the N-arts activity: Adult Group Dance

To empower the adult learner to feel confident in their body by developing strength, stamina, memory, coordination space awareness, body awareness and contact with other participants. To enable them to trust their body and use it as a tool for learning.


TdT’s concept of Adult Education

The experience of participating in a dance project in adulthood help in the lifelong development of individual identity, a help that stimulates and enhances the cognitive, social and moral development of individual competencies.
Our goal is to stimulate lifelong learning and to set impulses which, in the ideal case, lead to individual processes being set in motion and continued. 

The impact indicators of the N-arts activity "Adult Group Dance" on learners were gained through qualitative interviews with the participants. The key findings were then related to the to the dynamic action model "5 Ways to Wellbeing" (by New Economics Foundation NEF).