"Trails", the art project, will focus on early civilizations and ancient cultures in the European continent to promote arts activities in Adult Education, 

searching for links to our present social, human and ecological situation. 

In our last project, we looked at the arts as a powerful and comprehensive tool for adult education. 

The "Trails" project is a continuation of this trend. 

We are linking our activities to a largely ignored European Heritage, the Neolithic period. In general, the prehistorical cultures in Europe.

Our primary source of information will be Archeology, a discipline that has made incredible advances in the last decades. 

But this work that is mainly hidden behind data is not easy to interpret. 

What do we intend to do?

What is different for us?  

The relationship of the arts to education, particularly to adult education is difficult and full of conflicts.

 Why is this?

N-arts connects the arts to Adult Education. The aim is to highlight the role of the arts in adult education, strengthen the arts facilitators' position and motivate the teachers to develop new methods and approaches. The name N (Non-Intended)-arts implies that the focus is on the creative process rather than on the art product/object/event. 

Each partner has run the arts activities in their institution, employing the tools of the project for assessment and produced reports to be discussed during the transnational partner meetings. Conclusions are going to be made public at the end of the project on the website and will remain accessible as Open Education Resource.

The five partners from four countries organise or take part in projects involving arts or arts-related approaches inside and outside Erasmus+. They bring to the project very diverse experiences in the field of adult education. They are:

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