CACAV – Círculo de Animação Cultural de Alhos Vedros

Name of the N-arts activity: Drawing and Painting Workshop

To allow people to discover themselves through art, to express their feelings, their ways of being and their way of seeing the world through the encouragement of being creative.

With the implementation of this workshop, it was possible to create moments of analysis, reflection and sharing of knowledge and experiences in the field of Adult Education in non-formal context.

The drawing and painting workshop made it possible for the trainees to develop drawing and painting skills, that allow for an understanding of their personal evolution. It allowed them to draw and paint better, at the same time as developing social skills that are important to them for a better global insertion in society and particularly in family, with friends or in jobs.

The impact indicators of the N-arts activity "Drawing and Painting" on learners were gained through qualitative interviews with the participants. The key findings were then related to the to the dynamic action model "5 Ways to Wellbeing" (by New Economics Foundation NEF).