Exchange of good practices
in Adult Education

Co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme
of the European Union

linking disciplines
connecting people
encouraging learning in adult education

Second Chance

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Centrum Kształcenia Ustawicznego Nr 2 (CKU 2) is a public institution of adult education for school dropouts over the age of 16. The centre provides a second chance for people at risk of social exclusion and with low qualifications.

Learning through Art

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Círculo de Animação Cultural de Alhos Vedros – CACAV is a cultural nonprofit association for adult education. The teachers and facilitators are people from different professions in the area of the arts and ICT.

Next Teacher Generation

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The Faculty of Education at the University of Osijek is represented by Marko Šošić and a team of artists and teachers in the project N-arts. They will engage their students, future teachers, in artistic activities.

Dancing with the Community

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Tanz die Toleranz, an organization of Caritas, provides access to dance – thereby to art and culture – for everybody regardless of talent, experience, age, gender, skin color, religion, ethnicity or social background.

Coordinating N-arts

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In the portfolio of W-Point, European projects of the LLL and Erasmus+ programmes play a central role. N-arts is the first project to combine the main areas of expertise of the company: arts, culture and adult education.

N-arts (non-intended arts) in Adult Education is a proposal for teachers, facilitators, trainers, and people interested in working with new approaches, methods, and techniques in the field of social inclusion / social cohesion.

Each partner will run the arts activities in their institution, employing the tools of the project for assessment and will produce reports that will be discussed during the International Meetings. Conclusions are going to be made public at the end of the project on the website and will remain accessible as Open Education Resource.

The five partners from four countries organise or take part in projects involving arts or arts-related approaches inside and outside Erasmus+. They bring to the project very diverse experiences in the field of adult education. They are: