Trails is a Project in Art Education

Trails promote arts activities in Adult Education in the search for links between our present social, human and ecological situation and early prehistorical civilizations and ancient cultures in the European continent,

Trails promote arts activities in Adult Education.
searching for links to our present social, human and ecological situation.
Focusing on early civilizations and ancient cultures in the European continent,

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The "Trails" project has been created to promote Art in Adult Education.  

Focusing on Early Civilizations and Ancient Cultures on the European Continent, the participating organizations will devise events, workshops, courses, create objects, organize gatherings, or other activities, in search of links to Europe's prehistorical past.  

We aim for the development of creativity and the individual expression of the participants as a way of bringing together the crucial factors of adult education: method and motivation. 

Trailing prehistorical paths in Europe will lead us to confront decisive moments in the development of our civilization.  

Moments we are unaware of how much they shaped the future of our past.  

Expressions of the art of that time tell us of an extraordinary world full of achievements, fears, and beliefs that are valid even in today's technological world.  

Our research has identified many links between the early era of humanity and our present social, human, ecological, and cognitive situation. Prehistorical art expressions have inspired artists and aesthetic movements repeatedly, particularly in the last century. 

Our goal is to expand our ability to grab aesthetic aspects while exploring the message implicit in the objects, drawings, structures, sites, and constructions, and use alternative materials and methods to produce works approaching their original intention. 

Under the motto "If Adult Education is searching for a significant role in the future, the arts must be part of it", we think this project can serve as a platform and perhaps as a model to link art to many other areas of adult education. 

On the other hand, you can propose and bring new ideas to the project, as broad as your imagination or creativity can go. Essential is to keep the focus on Arts in Adult Education and on the search for trails, links, and paths in the Early European cultures to our time. 

Keep your mind as open as possible, and as the project and our partnership develop, we will be able to visualize better meaningful activities. 

The project is open for every organization, with no other limitation than to comply with Erasmus Plus Small-scale Partnership projects requirements. 

If you are interested or want more information about this project, please get in touch with us: 

Gerardo Wolf Perez: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

W-Point, the promoting organization, has developed already many Erasmus+ Adult Education and Lifelong Learning projects. Our primary interest lies in Informal learning using games.  

 ( ) and the arts as a process of self-education ( ). 

Keywords to understand our work and our intention are  #personal development, #personal growth, #informal learning, #adult education, #longlife learning #european heritage, #human cognition.

The original call you will find at

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