With the implementation of this course, it was possible to create moments of analysis, reflection and sharing of knowledge and experiences in the field of Adult Education in the non-formal context.

Creative writing made it possible for the trainees to develop competences in writing that allow them to understand their personal evolution, to learn to write better and at the same time to develop social skills that are important for a better insertion in the global society and particularly in their family, with friends, in employment, i.e.

Incentives were created so that people could present ideas and feelings in writing, overcoming the fear of exposing themselves in groups and increasing their self-esteem.

It was important for us to create conditions and situations in order to work with these adults allowing them to present their ideas and their feelings in writing, allowing them to augment their self-esteem.

It was a very important opportunity for:

Adults trainees:

  • to get to know themselves better and discover their own sensibility, creativity and imagination;
  • to look at the others differently, understand them better, understanding the differences between people;
  • to share practises and ideas in a group;
  • to understand the important of life-long learning;
  • to become more motivated for future participations in other social activities.
  • Trainers of adults:
  • to contribute to making adult training become important and useful;
  • to prepare adult education tools that can be used in the same training with others groups of adults (sustainability of the European project itself at national level regarding the role of the organisation itself);
  • to reflect on their job as adult trainers, the challenges of Adult Education and changing practices if necessary.
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